Combined assignment and dynamics algorithm for NMR applications

CYANA (© by Peter Güntert) is a program for automated structure calculation of biological macromolecules on the basis of conformational constraints from NMR. The combination of automated NOESY cross peak assignment, structure calculation with a fast torsion angle dynamics algorithm, and the ease-of-use of CYANA provide for unprecedented efficiency in NMR protein structure determination.

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Information about CYANA

System requirement

CYANA is available exclusively from LAS. The current version is CYANA 2.1.
System requirements for CYANA 2.1

  • CYANA 2.1 has been tested on recent versions of the following operating systems and binaries are available for these:
    • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS)
    • MacOS (Intel and Apple Silicon processors)
    • Windows (using Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSL, with Ubuntu Linux)
  • For compilation: Intel Fortran compiler or gfortran
  • For parallel calculations on distributed-memory systems: OpenMPI

How to Purchase

To obtain a CYANA software license, please follow these steps:

1, Download the License form file for CYANA 2.1.

  • The License form files are followings:
    academic [PDF:17KB] For an academic user: an individual or a single research group.
    commercial [PDF:15KB] For a commercial user: mainly for private companies.

  • An academic user should not use the software for any purpose (research or otherwise) supported by a "for profit" or military organization.

  • Organizations, e.g. computer centers, that will give access to the software to more than one academic research group need a special license. All other users need a Commercial License.

  • Licenses are unlimited in time

  • Licenses can be used simultaneously on any number of computer systems at the site of the licensee.

2, Print and fill out the License form(Type or clearly print).

  • The completed and duly signed form and your purchase order form can be sent by email to

3, We will send the invoice by e-mail.

    The prices are as follows:
    Software Licenses Prices
    Academic License 700 Euro
    Commercial License 15,000 Euro

  • The acceptable method of payment is wire transfer by pay in EURO. Do not accept Credit Card and Check.

  • Do not change in other foreign currency. If you are not able to pay in EURO, please contact us.

  • Please pay the bank's charges, taxes if any, on Applicant. Price of a tax refund like VAT cannot be performed.

4, Upon receipt of the payment, we will e-mail you the ID and password for login to the CYANA download site.

  • It takes about two weeks or more to issue the license after the wire transfer.

  • The current version is CYANA 2.1 released in July 2005. The upgrade from earlier Cyana (not Dyana) versions is free-of-charge. If you are interested in the upgrade, please contact us.

Mailing List

Please register to the Cyana Mailing List.
This is not automatic approval. The completion notice is delivered from LAS Support in several days.
Please contact us if you have any questions. (E-mail :


  • Güntert, P., Mumenthaler, C. & Wüthrich, K. (1997). Torsion angle dynamics for NMR structure calculation with the new program DYANA. J. Mol. Biol. 273, 283-298.
  • Any reports or publications of results obtained with CYANA must cite this paper.
  • Herrmann, T., Güntert, P. & Wüthrich, K. (2002). Protein NMR structure determination with automated NOE assignment using the new software CANDID and the torsion angle dynamics algorithm DYANA. J. Mol. Biol. 319, 209-227.
  • Any reports or publications of results obtained with the CANDID module of CYANA must acknowledge the use of CANDID by citing this paper.
  • Güntert, P. (2003). Automated NMR protein structure calculation. Prog. NMR Spectrosc. 43, 105-125.
  • Güntert, P. (2004). Automated NMR protein structure calculation with CYANA. Meth. Mol. Biol. 278, 353-378.
  • Jee, J. G. & Güntert, P. (2003). Influence of the completeness of chemical shift assignments on NMR structures obtained with automated NOE assignment. J. Struct. Funct. Genom. 4, 179-189.

All CYANA-related publications is here.

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